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What is Oracle SPM Cloud?

Rated by Gartner as the leader in SPM Cloud Solutions, Oracle Sales Performance Management Cloud is a fully automated variable compensation system. Packed with capabilities that significantly improve sales effectiveness, SPM Cloud is a must-have solution for the modern sales organization. It helps managers and administrators take control of their operations while eliminating surprises and making strategic choices for their territories, quotas and incentive programs.

Unlike other Sales Performance Management solutions, Oracle’s SPM Cloud offers end-to-end capabilities, including territory planning, quota modeling, incentives, games, sales coaching, and more. Oracle’s SPM solution addresses real-world sales performance challenges by enabling companies to better manage performance, motivate behaviors, & mentor the best practices of the sales organization.

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Using Oracle Sales Cloud for Better Insight

Learn from David Carlson, an expert in Oracle Sales Performance Management, about how we leveraged analytics within Oracle Sales Cloud by configuring role-based dashboards for our executives, allowing them to see meaningful information, resulting is faster and better decision making.

Different users have different needs and it’s important to have an environment that allows all types of users to interact with their data as needed. Utilizing dashboards quickly provides the answers people need in a simple and easy to understand format.

Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Sales Performance Management have many benefits. However, these programs won’t do your company any good if you have low user adoption. To ensure these applications benefit your business the most, read our blog post, 4 Ways to Increase CRM User Adoption.

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Why Config Consultants?

As the largest Oracle SPM practice out there, Config Consultants has become the go-to partner for organizations of all industries and sizes. Our reputation speaks for itself, our solutions are unique and transformational, and our expertise is unmatched. All of this has been achieved by putting you, the customer, first.

Sales Performance Management
Sales Performance Management

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