Payment Inefficiencies Hurting Your Sales Performance?

Payment Inefficiencies Hurting Your Sales Performance?

Turns out, people hate late and inaccurate payments…Shocking! Sarcasm aside, delays and inaccuracies in payments can seriously damage sales morale and lead to poor team performance. Organizations rarely intend to delay compensation to their employees; but unfortunately, this common occurrence is the result of using outdated systems that can’t keep up with their growing Salesforce. In addition, organizations in many industries fail to adopt modern Sales Performance Management tools, fearing complex migration processes and poor user adoption. Oracle’s Sales Performance Management product, SPM Cloud, is a leading SPM/Incentive Compensation tool which automates and simplifies compensation administration without much IT Involvement, providing incredible flexibility that other systems cannot achieve.

“We were able to combine 12 manual processes from 3 different tools into 1 robust system through Oracle SPM Cloud. This increased efficiency and user adoption for all reps who could easily view volume and payout information.” —Sharon Moore, IT Business Systems Analyst at Knoll Inc (KNL).

Knoll partnered with Config Consultants to implement Oracle SPM, hoping to automate their entire compensation administration. With SPM, Knoll quickly realized that on top of automating manual processes, they drastically increased payment accuracy and efficiency. This led to employees getting paid on time, every time, boosting sales team morale and performance across various channels.

Config Consultants is an award-winning consulting firm and Oracle Platinum Partner with unmatched experience in implementing Oracle SPM Cloud. Contact us today and find out why we are the preferred partner for companies looking to leverage the benefits of modern compensation administration tools.

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by Ishaan Dalapathi, Regional Manager, Midwest