Managed Services: Doing Whatever It Takes to Help You Succeed

Managed Services: Doing Whatever It Takes to Help You Succeed

Good help is hard to come by these days. At least that’s what my grandfather used to mutter under his breath every time a waiter got his order wrong or he was forced to wait in line somewhere. I’d sigh and roll my eyes, and I’d giggle along with the rest of my siblings and cousins, knowing that grandpa was just being grandpa and things really weren’t that bad.

Then I grew up and got into the managed services business. Now I see exactly what grandpa was talking about. All too often, I talk to customers whose previous service provider left them high and dry after implementing a piece of software. Like an army of locusts, service reps would show up at their door one day, tinker in the server room for a few days, weeks or months and rarely talk or even acknowledge their staff. Then, just like that, they’d be gone, never to be seen again—unless the customer ponied up for a limited and expensive service contract that didn’t’ cover everything they needed to keep things running.

Seriously, good help is hard to come by these days.

That’s why we do things differently at Config Consultants. We don’t just fly in, implement sales software and call it a day. We leverage our extensive understanding of the entire lead to cash process, working with our customers to implement a cohesive solution that leads to better sales outcomes.

Here are three things that set up apart:

We’re sales experts.

I know everyone says this, but we stand behind our years of experience, perspective, and knowledge of best practices to attain the results our customers need.

Our focus is on a unified lead to cash process—specifically CRM, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions—and you won’t find anyone else that truly understands the symbiotic relationship between the front, middle and back-office systems.

We understand that sales aren’t just about the rep. Successful deals are an orchestrated effort between marketing, the product team, sales operations, managers, services, legal and finance—and each sale touches dozens of business systems as it flows through the organization.

A lot of this can be automated through digital transformation initiatives—and we are experts at optimizing the entire lead to cash process from CRM to supply chain management so our customers can increase margins and profitability.

This expertise has been validated by the vendors we work with. Config Consultants is the only Oracle partner awarded the coveted Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) status for CPQ, SPM and Sales Force Automation.  Based on customer feedback, the program identifies companies that provide superior service, and we’re happy to be leaders in this area.

Managed Services = Ongoing Customer Success

Our main goal with our customers is to make sure you succeed, and we’ll do everything we can to increase your chances of success.

Our Managed Services Program provides ongoing access to our highly-skilled and certified experts who can help you maintain, improve and monitor your sales ecosystem. This includes supporting local business hours no matter where you do business and a measurable Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures your business is up and running when you need it to be.  

Our 100% customized programs include post-project support, application maintenance, incident response, upgrades and release management and staff augmentation if necessary. Tying everything together is a dedicated customer success manager who is your single point of contact.

We’re flexible, not expensive

This isn’t to say that we’ll throw the kitchen sink at you to keep you happy, racking up billable hours along the way. We work within your budget to provide the level of support you need—no more, no less. We use a mix of onshore and offshore resources for cost-effectiveness and offer varying levels of SLA commitments. You pick the plan and hours that work for you.

Most importantly, we back up our commitment to giving you exactly what you need with our flexible managed service plans. We throw in 10 percent more hours per month for free and don’t charge for overages. For example, if you pay for 100 hours, we’ll give you 110. Unused hours roll over as well, and we give you an option to scale as you see fit.

I think my grandfather would be proud of the way Config Consultants treats its customers. We bend over backward to ensure successful sales outcomes, lending our expertise where needed at an affordable and fair price.

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By James Greene, Sales Director at Config Consultants