Oracle Configurator

With over 50+ live Customers in Configure to Order space, we are considered the “experts” not just by our customers, but the entire Configurator community and our peers in Oracle eco system. We also chair OAUG Configurator Special Interest Group (SIG) and are actively involved with helping the Configurator community throughout the globe.

  • Emphasize upfront product discovery to optimize end to end design and model consolidation
  • Streamlined templates and tools for requirements gathering, modeling and Configurator instance management
  • All models and extensions are designed with scalability, performance, ease of maintenance in mind
  • Emphasis on best practices in ‘Design to Release’ & ‘Configure to Order’ processes
  • Optimal design to drive the maintenance upstream to keep the maintenance and enhancements minimal in Configurator
  • Optimal use of Product Hug Attributes and Catalog Categories to write generic Iterative rules in Configurator
  • Performance issues kept in mind from Day 1, not something to be addressed post go-live
  • Right mix and number of resources at onsite and offshore
  • Proprietary Automated Configurator testing tools to drastically reduce implementation and maintenance cycles