About Us

Config Consultants is a global consulting firm and Oracle Platinum Partner that specializes in systems integration, implementation, and business transformation. A strong understanding in Systems Integration and Business Transformation best practices is what gives the clients of Config Consultants a strategic advantage over their competition. Backed by a team of over 250 consultants, Config Consultants rapidly evaluates and deploys technology that can transform your organization to cultivate long-term growth.

At Config Consultants, our focus is on the customer. Our goal is to help businesses define, refine and realize a modern vision for their company. We accomplish this by helping you rapidly evaluate and deploy technology that enables state of the art best practices especially around Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Configure-to-Order (CTO), Sales Force Automation (CRM), Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Master Data Management (MDM).

As an Oracle Platinum Partner who is rated highest on the cloud marketplace, Config Consultants has successfully completed hundreds of implementations and go-lives. Our consultants are known for their professionalism, integrity and expertise, everything you want in a trusted partner. Our commitment to make you a modern sales organization and develop a leaner supply chain are enabled by leading cloud and on-premise software solutions.

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