4 Ways to Increase CRM User Adoption

4 Ways to Increase CRM User Adoption

CRM applications have no doubt revolutionized the selling process. When used correctly, a CRM application can help manage your contacts, leads, and opportunities. The problem is that investing in a CRM application won’t do your company any good if you have low CRM user adoption. Most sales reps prefer to document their data in whatever way is easiest for them, such as spreadsheets or even a notebook. This is because sales reps don’t see a benefit to entering their data into a CRM system. In order to get the most out of your CRM investment, you need to make sure you have a high user adoption rate. Below are 4 Ways to Increase CRM User Adoption:

1. Real-Time Compensation: The Benefits are Endless
Being able to instantly view your estimated compensation before the sale is final, along with the ability to adjust the price and display revised compensation details, all in real-time significantly improves CRM user adoption. According to a Gartner report, CRM applications that show real-time compensation have:

  • 65% increase in user adoption
  • 44% increase in overall sales performance

2. Dispute Management in CRM Saves Time and Money
Automating and integrating commission calculations and disputes in your CRM significantly reduces payment errors and time spent on disputes. Companies that integrate dispute management capabilities in CRM have noticed a sharp increase in user adoption. According to a Gartner report, companies without dispute management capabilities experience the following:

  • 12% of commission payments are incorrect
  • The average time spent verifying commission payments a month is 18 hours
  • 87% of companies manually calculate compensation
  • Over 8% of all sales compensation expenditures are overpayments

3. Coaching Tools in CRM Help Increase Your Revenue
Having coaching tools in CRM that help follow the activities of a sales team allow you to identify and tactically address performance problems as they occur. In-context coaching enables managers to course correct on a real-time basis. According to Nucleus Research, coaching tools in CRM:

  • Improve sales objectives by 20%
  • 52% of sales reps prefer coaching to learn a new skill
  • 75% of leading companies say coaching is important
  • Accelerate sales onboarding by 50–70%

4. Using Dashboards in CRM Gets You the Answers You Need
Different users have different needs and it is important to have an environment that allows all types of users to interact with their data as needed. Utilizing dashboards quickly provide the answers people need in a simple and easy to understand format. Quickly answer questions different people have such as:

  • Sales Reps: How much and when will I get paid?
  • Sales Management: How are the sales teams performing?
  • Sales Operations: Is the compensation system running smoothly?
  • Finance: Are the compensation plans profitable?

Now that you have learned four ways to improve your CRM user adoption rate, you probably want to know how to access all these benefits. The answer is Oracle Sales Performance Management (SPM).

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