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Configure & manage complex products & rapidly generate quotes

Oracle CPQ

Sales Transformation

Config Consultants started as the on-prem configurator experts. As the technology and tools of the trade have advanced, so too has our expertise. Config Consultants understands that CPQ is not only the next step in sales automation but the central hub to a fully modern selling toolkit. At Config Consultants, we help our clients take their sales process from the world of Word, Excel, Outlook, and the rest of the ’95 toolkit to modern, cloud-based tools that enable sales reps to make informed, accurate sales decisions that benefit your business and provide value to your clients.

Why CPQ? Why now?

As configuration experts, we’ve seen countless companies streamline their back-office delivery capabilities.  We expanded from that initial focus to help with the front-office, implementing SFA solutions for clients and becoming the undisputed market leader in SPM delivery.  With that experience in tow, we are now helping our clients to bring their focus to the middle – to the moment of sale when a prospect becomes a client.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is the nexus of that transaction, and providing your sales rep with the right information at the right time is critical for any business looking to get the most out of their sales team.


Benefit from Our Expertise

Sales Enablement

Accurate Quoting
Intelligent Quoting
Automated Workflow
Cloud Based Quoting

Business Impacts

Pipeline Transparency
Integrated Quoting
Cloud Based Approval
Guided Selling

Why Config Consultants?

Config Consultants has experience in all Oracle applications that impact the Sales Process.  We have the history to discuss the business impact of process changes, the functional expertise to implement across a wide range of sales enablement platforms, and the technical proficiency to integrate these tools together for a single, cohesive solution.

By choosing Config Consultants to lead you through the world of CPQ Cloud, our team of experts will be dedicated to providing your sales teams and customers an intuitive, best-in-class, selling experience.

On-Demand Demos

3D Visualization Configuration with Oracle CPQ Cloud
Oracle CPQ Cloud